Tips for Bathroom Renovations

Tackling a bathroom renovation can be a really exciting experience. After all, you’re getting a new bathroom!

It’s not unusual for a renovation to run into a hiccup or two, but there are a few things you can do to help make it as pain free as possible.

Make a Proper Budget

Having a budget is the first step. Determine how much money you want to put into this renovation, and then take 10% and set it aside. That’s your budget.

The 10% you’re setting aside is for small things that will pop-up along the way. It can be that the tile price went up slightly when you went to purchase; or an unexpected issue – like mold or plumbing repairs.

Determine Your Time frame

This is a tough one. The faster you want it done, the more people you’ll need to coordinate. If you’re doing a lot of work yourself, expect it to take more time than you expect.

If you’re hiring a professional, they’ll be able to give you a realistic timeframe. Rushing the process may mean making compromises where you don’t want to.

Match Fixtures, Flooring, and Tilework First

If you don’t have a designer putting it together for you, you’ll want to take pictures of the fixtures, flooring and tilework so you can see them all together. Far too often people may realize the tiles were too dark, or flooring too light after it’s too late.

Know Your Limits

Too many reality TV shows have a pro coming in to rescue a DIY job that was just too much for the homeowner. If you find yourself in over your head – stop. Trying to force things along can make it worse and cost more.

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