Top 7 Décor Ideas For A Small Bathroom


The bathroom is often the most under-decorated room in the house. Why? Well, a lot of people give the excuse that their bathroom is simply too small for fancy decorations. This is not true. Any room, no matter how small can still be beautified in a big way with the help of decors. If you have a small bathroom, here are some décor ideas for you to consider:

• A beautiful painting – One of the best decors that you can add to your bathroom would be a beautiful painting. A painting can refer to any work of art that is framed, be it an oil painting, a sketch, a watercolor art, and other related works of art. A painting can turn your ordinary bathroom into a more elegant and more sophisticated-looking one.

• Small candles – Small candles are perfect decors for your bathroom countertop. Not only do they help create a nice, relaxing ambience, but they can also be used for aromatherapy. Would not it be nice if you can simply submerge in a hot tub and let the aroma of the candles fill the air? That would surely be a relaxing experience.

• A potted plant – A potted plant would also be a nice addition to your small bathroom. Bathroom of all styles, be it they traditional or contemporary can use a little bit of nature in the form of a potted plant. Your plant does not have to be very big. Some of the most popular bathroom plants include aloe vera, bamboo, gardenia, and orchid.

• A fancy mirror – The mirror is one of the most essential decors in a bathroom. Instead of going for a typical, boring rectangular mirror, why not go for one that has a random shape? There are tons of fancy mirrors available out there in the market. Of course, you have to get that fancy mirror that would complement the decorative theme of your bathroom.

• Decorative lights – You might also want to consider adding decorative lights to your bathroom. These can range from fancy-looking pendant lights, to very cool LED lights. Take note that lighting plays a very important role in giving the illusion of space. So if you want your bathroom to look bigger than it is, choose good decorative lights for it.

• Artistic tiles –
Your bathroom surely has a set of tiles. If you think that your current tiles are boring, you might want to consider replacing them. Proper tile selection and arrangement can dramatically improve the look of your small bathroom. You can always surf the Internet for some tile arrangement ideas, because there are a lot of them.

• Beautiful window treatments – If your bathroom has a window (it must have at least one), you have to make sure that it is decorated well with a good window treatment. The most common window treatments are curtains and blinds. They come in a variety of types and styles. Choose which ones would go well with the theme of your bathroom.

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