5 DIY Tips to Keep Your Home Spotless While Remodeling

Home improvement is an amazing experience, but it can bring unwanted visitors such as dust and debris. A pack of dust bags and shop vac can be a good start, however, you need to have a multipronged strategy to avoid the mess.

1. Bare the renovation area

Remove furniture, decorations, and other home goods from the work area. This rule particularly applies to electronics. This not only keeps your goods from getting dirty but also eliminates the possibility of any damage.

2. Protect the immovables

Any items that are hard to move should be covered with thick plastic. This helps your furniture keep its fresh look.

3. Isolate the work area

If it’s something minor, affixing plastic sheets to seal off the area will suffice. But if the work is rather extensive, get plastic flaps installed temporarily over the window and door frames, so debris and dust stay confined. You may also consider a pole-mounted system which hangs plastic sheets from the ceiling to the floor, that can be used to isolate a certain area within a big room or hall.

4. Cover the path

If your project is in an inner room away from the main door, the contractors moving in and out can spread dust and mud throughout the house. Consider making a path of canvas tarps or junk rugs from the front door all the way to the renovation area. Better yet, if you can afford, invest in dirt catcher sticky mats. At the end of the work, pick up the tarps and shake them off outside.

5. A daily cleaning routine

Keep a heavy-duty trash can in the work area, and all the debris in it. Clean the work area every day after work. The temptation can be to clean after the last day of the work, but daily cleaning minimizes the chances of debris scattering around.

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