5 Key Areas That Need Winter Home Maintenance

At Carick, we specialize in quality home renovation projects but we want to ensure our readers have their home and property properly maintained this winter. This will not only save you money but ensure less damage to your home during the colder months.

There’s a reason we don’t spend as much time outdoors during winter – it’s harsh. If you think it’s harsh on you, think about how it must be on your home. It bears the brunt of winter, so you don’t have to.

If you take care of your home, it’ll take care of you. Here are 5 areas of your home you don’t want to neglect during winter.

The Foundation – Shovel snow away from the house and keep it from piling up against the foundation. It’s one of the most important parts of your home, and one you never want to have problems with. Give the melting snow someplace else to go, and it’ll leave the foundation alone.

Ice Dams – Sure those icicles look nice hanging down from the roof during Christmas, but they’re not only dangerous, they’ll also prevent the water from melting snow from being able to escape. That means water will climb up the shingles and make a home where it can cause the most damage. It’s also a lot of fun to clear your ice dams.

External Vents – As snow accumulates, rooftop vents – and even side exhaust vents – can become covered. These vents exist to remove dangerous exhaust from your home. If they’re blocked, they can’t do their job. Clear your vents after every big snow fall, even if they’re not blocked yet.

Air Filters – We tend to keep our homes closed up pretty well in winter. That means all the dust and dirt you drag in is being collected by your air filter. This makes your furnace work harder, and uses more energy. Swap them out every couple months for best results.

Outdoor Furniture – Being outside in winter is harsh for your patio furniture too. Cover everything you don’t use in winter, and it’ll last significantly longer than if you expose it to mother nature when she’s at her worst. Furniture, barbeques, pool toys – all of it. You’ll be thankful come spring.