Do You Know What A Renovator Does?

So many people call themselves renovators, something that greatly confuses a lot of consumers planning to have their homes remodeled. But who really is a renovator? Well, a renovator is a professional, sometimes even a knowledgeable amateur who rehabilitates and remodels real estate properties.

Professional renovators are generally engineers, architects, contractors or individuals acting in similar capacities, for example builders who specialize in property renovations. Amateur renovators are people who undertake a home renovation undertaking, for example, homeowners themselves.

Home renovation process


A home remodeling undertaking process involves:

• Planning
• Assessment
• Budgeting
• Repairing
• Rebuilding
• Repairing
• Refinishing

A well carried out remodeling undertaking restores a home to its previous state. Sometimes the renovations are carried out to have a home to conform to a more desirable design or functionality or both. Remember however that renovation is carried out both in residential or commercial buildings.

Residential property renovations

These sorts of renovations focus on bringing a home that was built decades ago to modern standards. They also tend to concentrate on restoration of key rooms in a property, for instance updating a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and so forth. Key features of a property’s historic design are catered for while remodeling. For example, a renovator might decide to restore a Victorian designed mansion to its former glory or take a house with no artistic merit and gut it to update the layout or to modernize its internal systems. These renovations can be carried out by a professional or a homeowner or even an amateur renovator.

Commercial property renovations

These are the renovations that are carried out in business buildings. Commercial renovators can improve or change the functionality of an income generating building through appropriate renovations. For example, commercial renovation of a school might include expansion of the cafeteria, addition of a gymnasium, installation of a central air conditioning system and so forth. Renovation of properties with historic merit is a bit different in that the work done on them focuses more on returning the property as closely to its original condition as possible.

Are remodeling tasks handled the same way?

No, remodeling tasks are not handled the same way, as some are more involving than the others. All the same a renovator typically engages in an 8-step process to complete a renovation undertaking. He starts by identifying a suitable property for renovation, for example a private home. In some instances, it makes more sense to completely tear down a building or a remodeling target and build something new, in particular if the cost exceeds the its true value.

After identifying a suitable renovation target, the renovator then makes an assessment to establish the scope of work. Every renovation project has its own budget and the remodeling expert must work to finding a compromise between the wishes and practicality so as to keep the project within the scope of the available resources.

In conclusion, a renovation expert will then establish a construction plan and time frame. Once these are set, he then rebuilds, repairs and refinishes a property in accordance to the plan. Repairs are made to anything that is broken, for instance replacing the plumbing system, the roof and so forth. Refinishing is done to reclaim original texture by painting, stripping wood and the likes. Engineering addresses structural concerns in home renovation projects.