Living Through a Home Renovation

When remodeling your home the biggest issue that can arise is living through the problems that come with it. A good renovation company will always minimize the mess and protect the property and materials of the home but a renovation is always going to be a disruption. This begs the question…

Should You Stay In or Move Out?

There’s benefits to both and in this post we’re going to identify which situation will be best for you and your family while your home is under renovation.

The first thing to consider is finances and money. Some people will stay in hotels or rent until the renovation is complete but unless you have the budget to do that, your only option is to stay at home unless a friend or family member will welcome you to their home. Some renovations can take longer than expected, budgeting can be difficult to figure out how long you’ll need to stay outside of your home.

If you decide staying at home is for you, you’ll want to have the contractor section off part of the home to get away from all of the construction that’s taking place around you. Now, if you’re only having a small renovation done the best choice is to stay at home but often times in an open concept home, a kitchen remodel can disturb the rest of the house. Once again, this is up to you to determine if it’s an issue for you and your family.

Be very clear with the contractors and workers what areas of the home are out of bounds and what aren’t. There’s clear standards that should be set so they don’t venture into areas they shouldn’t be.

Moving Out?

Should you decide to move out keep in mind driving distances to work & schools. You’ll also need to forward your postage and phone calls to your new location and stop all of your monthly services if possible such as cable & internet.

From a remodeling companies perspective, an occupant moving out can speed up the process slightly but often times it’s not worth the financial burden.

Take these tips into account when deciding how you’ll live through your home’s renovation and make sure you find a balance between the costs and life satisfaction.

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