Reasons to Renovate this Fall

We get it: summer was busy. You were on holidays, the kids were running around, and the out of town guests made your home feel more like a hotel. Now that fall is here, it’s the perfect time to tackle those renovation projects.

Create Time and Space

First, the kids are back in school. This means they won’t be getting in the way of any projects you want completed. If you’re hiring a quality contractor, they’ll be able to slip in and out of your house while you’re at work to finish the job.

If you are going to leave the work to the pros, this is one major reason why it’s important to choose a contractor that is properly insured and one you trust. With minimal disruption, they can add that extra bedroom or bathroom, or update existing ones, to increase the value of your home while you’re out of the house.

Don’t Worry Over Winter

If you’ve been putting off replacing the roof, fixing the siding, or tackling a plumbing job, you’ll want to take care of that before winter. A leaky roof or cracked pipes are not exactly how you want to spend your Christmas holidays.

Getting your home in top shape before the weather turns nasty can save you some major headaches. Things are usually much harder to fix when they’re frozen. It can also drastically slow the process down – and time is money.

If you have a few things you’d like to tackle this fall – or if you want to find out if a particular renovation will add value to your home – Give us a call at Carick Home Improvements and we’ll walk you through the process!