The Biggest Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Renovations can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. If you don’t do renovations very often, there are quite a few unknowns that pop up during the process that can become real headaches.
At Carick Home Improvements, we’ve seen them all. If you’re thinking about renovating, here are a few mistakes that are easy to avoid.

Budget Properly

This is number one on the list. Budgeting for a renovation is hard. Unless you do it for a living, you’re going to have issues. The budget always changes between planning and execution. If you have your budget set right down to the last nail, add in a 10% buffer. Once you start renovating, there are always surprises that will be outside your budget.

Taking On Too Much

We see this one quite a bit. Most people don’t know exactly what the renovation involves until they’re knee deep in it. At this point, they’ll realize they don’t have the time, skills or maybe even tools to complete the job or solve the problem that has popped up. It’s important that you don’t bite off more than you can chew when tackling a renovation.

Hiring The Wrong Contractor

Just because they have a hammer and good sales pitch doesn’t mean they can handle the job. Many TV shows are about fixing problems bad contractors create. Do your best to vet the contractor. Ask to see previous work and speak with old clients. If there’s any hesitation, that’s a red flag.

Skipping Permits

If you’re thinking “who’s going to know?” – the answer is your insurance company. If your home runs into an insurance claim, they’ll investigate. If they find work done without permits, they can reject your coverage. Any reputable contractor will not leave this detail out.

Safety First

When you’re not used to working with tools, structural framing, roofing ladders, etc. – you’re putting yourself at risk. Make sure you do your homework research the safety issues that could arise. Use the proper safety equipment. It’s there for a reason. Renovations don’t need to be dangerous. Always think safety first.
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