Why Can Renovation Projects Go Over Budget and Take Longer Than Expected?

For any renovation company it is often difficult to accurately predict an exact time frame renovation/construction project will take and precise cost down to the dollar. There are many reasons for this and depending on your project some are more common than others.

Here we will take a look at some common causes of increased costs or duration for your projects:

  • The clients ask for more to be done – Your quote and time estimate will be based on a particular job being done. If you’ve asked for more then this can take longer.
  • Delays with building inspectors
  • Unexpected problems that need to be addressed – Perhaps for instance the floors aren’t in good condition and thus need to be replaced
  • Weather conditions – For working taking place outside, bad weather can set you back
  • Delivery delays and mistakes – If you’re waiting for materials and they arrive late then this can cause a hold-up
  • One common issue that arises is mould being found and needing to be removed. Mould is often present in homes but impossible to find before the renovation process. Once found this can cause a delay in the time and increase in budget depending on the next best steps.

Smart project management can help to reduce some of these issues. Furthermore, a good quote or timeframe should account for a few unexpected challenges. With that said, it’s still never possible to be completely sure, so if you’re project is taking a little longer it’s not necessarily a ‘bad’ sign.

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