Handy Kitchen Renovation Tips To Make Your Kitchen Look Great

Thinking of a Kitchen Renovation? Here’s a Few Things to Keep in Mind…

The kitchen is one of the most critical parts of any home and hence proper care and maintenance is essential. One way to do this is for your kitchen to be renovated. This is because a kitchen renovation will add ease to the owner’s lifestyle, as well as value to the kitchen itself. However, whenever considering a kitchen renovation exercise, there are a couple of questions and ideas battles, which assail the homeowner’s mind. However, that ought not to be challenging as below are some important tips and things to consider before embracing a kitchen remodel exercise.

Select quality materials

The material you choose for the renovation plays an immense role in the entire renovation exercise as well as the after-life of the kitchen. Therefore, to ensure that your drawers will not stick but open easily whenever opening or closing, it is essential to go for top quality hinges and drawer slides. In the case of the interiors and exteriors of the cabinets, ensure that you select a long lasting ideal wood. For instance, wood veneer is a great recommendation as it is more durable as when compared to its counterparts; laminate, MDF or melamine.

Determine cabinet heights

It is equally vital to determine the correct cabinet heights, weight and spacing. If you own 8-foot ceilings, you can decide to go for cabinets that rise up to the ceiling. This is because they generally offer more capacity, hence enabling you to make use of the extra space for open shelves or artwork. If the ceiling however, exceeds the 8 feet mark, ensure to leave some space between the ceiling and cabinets.

Paint or stain

Since the renovation of a kitchen is an all round exercise; you should give thought to whether you want to paint or stain the cabinets. Consider all the benefits that come with staining, and those that come with painting and then settle on your preferred choice. For instance, though staining is forgiving, you will see that most finishes date quicker than painted cabinets.

Select the ideal countertop

If you want to give your kitchen that present feel and look, it is important to give some thought to the perfect countertops. This is because a well-chosen elegant countertop will bring a lot of life to your kitchen. In the case of a poorly chosen countertop, even though appealing, your kitchen will visibly seem out of place. There is a variety of options to select all the way from white Carrara marble to kirkstone slate, Wiarton limestone, plastic laminate, soapstone and so on. Choose depending on your style and preference.

Do not overdo the renovation

One of the commonly committed kitchen blunders is too much detail and overambitious projects done. Overdoing a kitchen might make the room stuffy, uncomfortable and unappealing. This is why at times simplicity is the way to go in designing your kitchen. However, ensure that the kitchen is fitted with all the necessary amenities that you require. In addition to adhering to simplicity, ensure that the cabinets are properly spaced for more convenience. Importantly, the lighting, painting and overall kitchen look should be compatible with the style of your home and home renovation.

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