How Do You Go About Remodeling An Attic?


Instead of using it as a place to store old clothing and boxes, have your attic transformed into an additional bedroom for the guests, home office or even a living room through a properly done renovation. But prior to having it renovated, its new purpose should be decided well in advance. Having done so, the attic should then be thoroughly inspected in order to determine if it is suitable for remodeling. A number of modifications then need to be done in it so that it suits the homeowner’s specific purpose. Here are some steps to follow for a successful attic remodeling undertaking.

1. Determine the amount of available space

Before starting the renovations, consider if there is sufficient room in the attic to qualify for your unique need. Generally speaking, an attic should have a ceiling of at least 2.1 meters (7 feet) for it to be considered habitable. Anything below this is basically considered uninhabitable.

2. Roof inspection

One of the starting things to do before carrying out renovations in your attic is to check the roof. The inspection is done in order to determine whether it has rafters and trusses. Roofs supported by trusses resemble triangles that are formed between the floor and the roof. These sorts of supports shouldn’t be moved without consulting a building engineer, or else you may end up with a collapsed roof. On the hand, rafters are generally more movable making the whole remodeling task a bit easier.

3. Floor inspection

Before carrying out an attic remodeling undertaking, the floor should be carefully checked and for a good reason. The majority of attic floors aren’t designed to withstand constant pressure of multiple people stepping on it or heavy furniture pieces being placed on it. As such, renovator should pay special attention to the clear span, i.e., the portion of the floor that isn’t supported by the walls below the attic. It might be necessary to add a number of extra support beams, based on the position of the walls.

4. Installing a staircase

The addition of a staircase is a vital part of attic renovation. The main reason for this is that the attic is mostly accessed by ladder. You can leave yours as it is, however, the strain of being stepped on repeatedly can cause a lot of damage on the ladder, and hence the need for installing a permanent staircase. Note however that a standard staircase takes up more room below, something that greatly reduces the livable square footage of the house and hence the need for installing a space saving variety. A spiral staircase is a good option as it takes up only around 0.5 square meters (5 square feet). This is a better staircase selection, particularly where space maximization is a consideration.

5. Electrical need considerations

The electrical needs of an attic need to be considered before the remodeling undertaking. For instance, is one new circuit enough for your attic? Remember that more circuits are needed if the space is to be transformed into a number of rooms or even a bathroom.

After the inspection, it is now time to determine whether the attic can suit the desired purpose. Once this is done away with, other important details such as wall color, carpeting, furniture layout, etc, should then be addressed. The renovation process can now get started.