Quick Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger


If you live in a condo then you probably have a small living space. And if you have your own bedroom in that condo unit, then there is a huge chance that that bedroom has limited space. So how can you make the most out of it? Here are some quick tips for you to make your condo bedroom look bigger:

• Clear the center – One of the best ways to make room in your bedroom condo is to clear its center. Shove your bed, your couch, and other furniture pieces towards the wall. But arrange them in angles wherein they would enjoy extra breathing space. Proper furniture arrangement really helps create the appearance of space.

• Install huge mirrors – You might be interested to install huge mirrors on your bedroom walls. This is because mirrors help create the illusion of space. Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and their frames come in various colors, so make sure you choose the ones that would complement the theme of your bedroom.

• Paint with light hues – Color plays a very important role in room decoration. Thus, you should mind how your walls and ceiling are painted. You might want to go for light hues of paint because they help create the appearance of space. If white is too boring for you, you can go for cream, sunny yellow, and even light orange.

• Let in the natural light – Another quick trick to make your condo bedroom appear bigger is to simply let in more of the sun’s natural light. Sunlight cannot be matched by any other light bulb in terms of glow and ambience. It really helps give more character to a small room, so do not hesitate to open your windows or even add more windows if necessary.

• Declutter – One quick trick that a lot of people do not realize is to simply declutter. Look around your bedroom. Do you see stuff that you are not using anymore? Why keep them if they are just taking up space? Throw them away or sell them if they are still in good condition. Make your room a lot more organized by keeping similar items together.

• Avoid unnecessary details – Decorating your room with picture frames, curtains, wallpapers, and other fancy stuff is okay. But you have to be careful with the details that you add into your room. Too many details can lead into a small cluttered look for your bedroom. Avoid unnecessary details and your bedroom would look a lot bigger.

• Use multifunctional furniture –
Another tip would be to use multifunctional furniture because they help save space. A piece of furniture that can act as a couch during the day and a nice, comfy bed at night would be a nice addition to your room. Ottomans which can act as coffee tables and seats are also good suggestions.

These are just some quick tricks to help you have a condo bedroom that appears bigger. If you ever need more help especially with condo bedroom renovation, you can always consider the services of Carick.